“We would like to acknowledge Australia's First Peoples, and pay our respects to elders both past and present.”

Warning - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers should exercise caution as this web site, blogs and feeds may contain images of deceased persons.

By embracing the culture of Australia's First Peoples we materially enrich the lives of all Australians, past, present and future.

Whilst researching the fascinating subject of Aboriginal Songlines I came to realise that I needed to gain a far more more rounded understanding of Australian Aboriginal culture in general ... before I could really start to appreciate the meaning and significance of the Songlines ... or Dreamlines as they are sometimes called. 

I now wonder whether a new form of Songlines can be the basis for the cultural connections between all Australians, indigenous and non-indigenous who are "seeking a way" to reconcile the past, present and future of Australian Society.

This site collects the threads of this research. Perhaps it will also interest other students of Australian Aboriginal culture, current affairs and their history as well as those simply seeking an understanding of the world's most ancient civilisation. 

The latest news items, organised by topic are accessible by browsing through the menus on the left. Above the summary of each news feed you will find a link to access to the complete archive of that news feed.

Some of the more popular pages are the Quotations from Aboriginal Elders and Leaders, the Image Libraries, and the Dreamtime stories. 

Please feel free to post your comments and any pertinent attachments you would like to contribute using the links at the bottom of each page. 

The markers on this map may help you locate many of the places, people and events referenced in this site. There are some other interesting Maps in a separate section. 

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